I can help you figure out what to do next, unjumble your thoughts, get clear on your vision for the future and leave you with a plan to put it into action.

I bet you have the ideas inside your head already, but they’re just swimming around in there bumping into each other, not nicely lining up like they should. If only they’d follow the British queueing rules.

After a strategy session, you’ll be feeling a lot clearer about where you’re headed with your business and what you need to do over the next few months to start taking action to make those things happen! 

These are some of the things we can work through in our session…

 your brand values and why it is you’re doing what you’re doing.

 what you really want your customers to know you for.

 how to monetise a growing audience

 how to make your business profitable

 moving your business online

 changes you can make to your website to better communicate your values

 your sales funnel to find gaps where you could be losing people

 a marketing plan to get in front of your audience

 social media strategies best for your business

 a solid structure to ensure you’re not procrastinating.

It consists of…

1-hour call or session in person if you would like to meet in Central or East London.

You’ll leave with…

Fewer brain tangles, with a longer-term strategy and a solid plan on what to focus on for the next quarter.

Cost: £150 


“I came to the strategy session with Amanda with a head full of ideas but a complete lack of direction. Thanks to her energy, input and experience, I left with a clear plan of action and all the tools I needed to make it happen. Having someone like Amanda to bounce your ideas off of is absolutely priceless.”

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