Fine Tune Your Business Idea

You have a couple of ideas but you’re just not sure which one to go for, what most fits your personality or even if it’s a profitable idea in the first place.

I’ll help get into the nitty gritty with you, going through your ideas, your strengths and weaknesses, and will leave you with a solid plan of where to go next with your business idea. Over the two calls, I’ll ask you questions to get you really thinking about what you want from a business.

I won’t tell you what to do or which options you should go for, but I will help you work out which ideas could be profitable and sustainable in the long-term and finish a simple business plan to communicate and clarify your idea.

I can help you work out…

 Where your passion really lies

 Skills you didn’t even realise you had!

 Whether one idea is more profitable than another

 Your brand values and what you stand for

 Whether an idea will fit in with your life

 What you should do next to move your business idea forward

It consists of…

1-hour call or session in person if you would like to meet in Central or East London.

You’ll leave with…

A clear plan and vision, some ideas for your branding, tone of voice, and next steps.

Cost: £150

“Thank you so much for the session, I really enjoyed it and you’ve introduced me to so many new concepts and ways to move my idea forward. Best money I’ve spent in a while.” Alisha Robinson